Meet the Team

Chris, Owner

Chris is a web designer and developer from Overland Park, Kansas. He holds Bachelor degrees in information technology and psychology. While studying IT he fell in love with designing and coding websites. Ever since writing his first line of HTML in Microsoft Notepad in 2006, he’s immersed himself in all things web. Because design, marketing and user experience all require a strong psychological perspective, Chris has benefited greatly from his dual disciplined background. In addition to making websites, Chris is an avid cinephile and budding guitarist.

Samantha, Designer

Samantha is a multi-talented artist and graphic designer. She holds both a Bachelor and a Masters degrees in geology, as well as a degree in graphic design. At Caiman Web Design, Samantha plays a key role in designing logos, wireframes and full fidelity mockups for our clients. When she’s not exercising her creative muscles, Samantha can be found spending time with her husband and two wonderful sons.