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Caiman Web Design Will Stop Supporting Internet Explorer 8

Beginning on July 29th, 2015, we will completely stop supporting Internet Explorer 8. We’ve chosen this date for one important reason: it’s the day that Windows 10 launches. More specifically, it’s the day that Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s new browser, will be released to the public. The release of Edge will place IE8 five releases back, which is one step further back than we feel we should go. Additionally, the release of Windows 10/Edge will mean a decrease in IE8 market share, likely dropping its usage down to a negligable number.

What Does “Stop Supporting” Mean?

It means that, by default, website projects that begin on or after July 29th of this year won’t be tested in IE8 at all. Just like with IE7 currently, we won’t even take a peak at the website in IE8 to see how it looks. Any layout problems or rendering quirks unique to IE8 will be left to the gods to straighten out. But also like with IE7 currently, if a client absolutely requires IE8 compatibility, we’ll charge our hourly rate for the time it takes to fully support it just like before.

For more information, here’s our browser policy page.

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