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Web Trends that Need to Die

I’m typically a very positive person. I prefer to dwell on the nice things in life and in the world of web development. But sometimes you’ve seen so much horrible crap that you just need to vent a little. So that’s what I’m doing now. I want to talk about some of the most irritating, […]

How Caiman Web Design Makes Websites

I’m a firm believer in the notion that an end product is only as good as the process that created it. Rolls-Royces don’t happen by accident. Nor do Louis Vuitton purses, Rolex watches, or Oppo Blu-ray players (you may have to trust me on that last one). There’s a meticulous, tightly implemented set of procedures, […]

Search Engine Optimization Explained

Here are my 5 easy steps to becoming extremely frustrated and confused about search engine optimization: Step 1: Start a business. Step 2: Build a website. Step 3: Google “how to get my website to show up in Google searches”. Step 4: Follow someone’s “5 Easy Steps” guide. Step 5: Sit back and see absolutely […]